2018 Resolution Solutions

2018 Resolution Solutions

“New Year, new me!” (Wakes up late, skips the gym… has a stressful day, picks up wine on the way home from work.) We know how it goes. A week into January and most of us have probably already let some of our resolutions fall victim to snooze buttons and dessert menus. But there’s still time to recover! Consider Block 37 your 2018 accountability partner. Or at least shopping partner. Either way, this is our carefully curated guide for helping you to stay resolute to your resolutions. And maybe even to create some new ones you didn’t know you had. Better 2018 than never!

Block 37 2018 Resolution Travel

Fringed Luggage Tag
Anthropologie, $26

Hello Paris Necklace
Les Néréides, $125

Fuzzy Fabric Carry-on
Zara, $30

Kiehl’s Travel Essentials
Sephora, $15

SteamLine Luggage
Anthropologie, $780

Cruise Photo Frame
Disney Store, $37

Block 37 2018 Resolution Fashion

Faux Fur Coat
Zara, $120

Miu Miu Sunglasses
Sunglass Hut, $390

Striped Hair Scarf
Zara, $6

Metallic Boots
Akira, $90

Too Faced Glitter POP! Eyeliner
Sephora, $20

Eye Tassel Drop Earrings
Anthropologie, $98

Block 37 2018 Resolution Self Care

Multicolored Sneakers
Zara, $26

Puma Graphic Leggings
Akira, $45

Luna Rose Woven Yoga Mat Strap
Anthropologie, $35

IT Cosmetics Secret Anti-Aging Sauce
Sephora, $68

The Yoga Kitchen
Anthropologie, $25

Bath Balls (set of 6)
Sabon, $35

Block 37 2018 Resolution Organized

Mount Royal Paws Piggy Bank
Anthropologie, $38

The Happiness Planner
Anthropologie, $30

Military Blazer
Banana Republic, $72

Leather Strand Mod Watch
Dakota Watch, $27

3-in-1 Makeup Bags
Sephora, $18

Tasseled Jewelry Stand
Anthropologie, $98