3 Cheers For Pom-Poms

3 Cheers for Pom-Poms

Rah rah sis boom bah! For years, pom-poms have been great sports, getting us through games and taking beatings from all those handsprings. Now it’s time for US to root THEM on! Yes, these guys are the tiniest, trendiest team of the summer and we’re their #1 fans. So get off the bench and step up your pom-pom game. We promise we won’t make you do a cheer. (But you’ll want to.)

1. Leather Mid Heel Pom-Pom Sandal
ZARA, $60

2. Pommed Market Fedora
Anthropologie, $58

3. Rio Pom-Pom Clutch
Anthropologie, $48

4. Short Dress with Embroidery and Pom Poms
ZARA, $50

5. Dolce & Gabbana
Sunglass Hut, $650

6. Lace and Tassel Romper
Akira, $70

7. Double Pom-Pom Drop Earrings
Anthropologie, $198

8. Confetti Set of 5 Mini Sponges
Sephora, $12

9. Akela Crossbody Bag
Anthropologie, $450

10. Ball Leggings
Iridium Lab, $45

11. Here Goes Nothing Ball Sneakers
Akira, $30