If you were in the Loop last week, you may have seen a creative looking crew – cameras and lighting equipment in tow – directing a woman in a fierce green coat back and forth across a busy street. If so, don’t be alarmed, you were simply on the set of Block 37’s most recent photo shoot. To introduce our exciting new additions to the Block – most notably, The Dearborn Urban American Tavern – we summoned the only people we trust to put together a traffic-stopping shoot. Literally.

We’re talking about our friends from way down South, the arbiters of retail advertising, House of Current (if you don’t know them, you should). Led by the steady hand and keen eye of internationally renowned photographer Scott Lowden, this group of art directors, stylists, makeup artists, and models were able to successfully capture the style and sophistication of Block 37 in a matter of just a few hours. (Albeit, not without the assistance of a very nice police officer and his very loud whistle.)

When it comes to talent, Chicago is a treasure trove, making it the perfect location to execute something like this. That’s why we set out to source as much local talent as possible. We wanted to put the spotlight on our local creative community and to make sure that the Chicago spirit shone through in everything that we did.

The above images were snapped behind the scenes at The Dearborn Urban American Tavern, the newest addition to Block 37 and hands-down the best place to grab dinner and drinks in the Loop. (If I said we didn’t enjoy a snack or two on set, I’d admittedly be lying.) Latinicity Food Hall and Lounge was also kind enough to lend space for the shoot, and spoiler alert, the shots turned out magníficamente!

We can’t wait for you guys to see the finished product!

Special thanks to our amazing team:
Scott Lowden, Wendy Lowden, Lisa Maloof, Aaron Gadiel, Ford Models Chicago, Brian Eaves, Amanda Bertany, Christy Schmid, Aaron Fulnecky, John Ruzich, Elissa Raymond, Chris Tucker, Ellen Cappel, Linda, Joy, Matt, Charlie, Lucia, Emily, Daisy, Austin, Carly, and Patrick