Date nights can be stressful to plan. Where do we go? What do we do when we get there? What will be talk about? Why am I overthinking this so much? Take a deeeeeeeep breath. Block 37 just became your Official Date Planner (yes, it’s a totally legit title). And as your ODP, we’ve put together our favorite combos of Block 37 restaurants, shops, and just generally fun things to do that will keep your dating life in the Loop. Don’t have an S.O.? Doesn’t matter. We’ve got you covered too! Because Beyonce would have it no other way.


Kind of night: Classy
Oriental Theatre + The Dearborn Urban American Tavern

In the mood to get fancy? Read about what’s playing this weekend at Chicago’s Oriental Theatre (right across the street from Block 37) and together decide what strikes your fancies. Follow the show with classy cocktails at The Dearborn. If possible, order drinks that go along with the theme of the play. Seeing Hamilton? A Founder’s Fizz it is! Cheer’s Live on Stage? Norm would obviously want you to order a brew.


Kind of night: Romantic
Godiva Chocolatier + Ladies & Gentlemen Salon and Spa + Sabon

This one’s for the lovers. Like a scene from your favorite RomCom, this date night starts with chocolate-covered strawberries from Godiva Chocolatier, and moves onto an intimate couple’s massage (cue “Chain of Love”) at the spa. You can then head to Sabon to pick out bath salts, oils, and candles for later on. We don’t need to tell you what to do from there.


Kind of night: Creative
The Art Institute of Chicago + The Chicago Design Museum + Latinicity Food Hall & Lounge

Feeling artsy? Spend the day at the museum! The Art Institute of Chicago (home to American Gothic) is walking distance from Block 37, and the Chicago Design Museum is right under our roof! Ongoing exhibitions and special events will without a doubt spark interesting conversation. (Plus you’ll get to ask they always insightful question, “but what does it meannnn?”) Once you’re adequately inspired, head down to Latinicity to design your own tacos, burritos bowls, and salads! Because burrito art is the best art.


Kind of night: Spontaneous
AMC Dine-In Theaters + Sephora

So this one’s kind of out there. But stay with us. First, go see a movie. Preferably a really visually striking one with interesting characters and over-the-top costumes. Why? Because we then want you to head to Sephora to get makeovers to look like your favorite characters from the film. Seeing Suicide Squad? Make the transformation into Harley Quinn and the Joker. If your guy/girl is down with this, seriously, keep them forever.


Kind of night: Beyonce
The Dearborn Urban American Tavern + Anthropologie + Magnolia Bakery

Dates don’t have to involve two people. In fact, the best ones often don’t. Cocktails, clothes, and a caramel cupcake? Best. Night. Ever. (We understand that mixing drinks & shopping can be dangerous, but sometimes you just need an extra little kick to get that amazing pair of shoes! Your closet will thank us later.) You will then obviously need a cupcake to congratulate yourself on a pair of shoes well bought 🙂