Fall 2015 Coolest Trends

Fall 2015 Coolest Trends

Summer’s gone, and with fall already patrolling the Block, every true fashionista is getting ready to adopt whatever new or old fad the catwalks have given voice to.

Here’s your guide to getting it right this fashion season. And remember, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get with the times, but you do have to head over to Block 37 and check out the new styles for yourself.


As an overall tendency, the lines between times are getting blurrier and blurrier. While the 70’s bohemian chic elements are still rocking the runways, the fall season came back bearing heavy “sprinkles” of the disruptive 80’s neon, all this while also running back a century ago, to revisit and revamp some Victorian romanticism.


As colors go, 2014’s pastel shades of lavender are lingering around, winning a lot of ground batting the 2015’s color of the year, Marsala. Brown is for fall what Navy was for spring; black never left the scene and grey is even more popular than the 50 shades movie. Wear these hues exclusively in your wardrobe, or just throw some shade through over-sized earrings or a weirdly shaped clutch (those seem to be a thing), and we’ll agree to call it due diligence.


While the already classic red tartan still turns heads, its more distinguished cousin the windowpane plaid is competing against flowers and patches for the “season’s fave pattern” title. So, remember, clean is great but spotted, dotted, flowered, fractal-ed, ombre-d crazy cats, elephants, sunglasses and cookie jars also work.


After a few years of skinny leg dominance, flares are here to help our legs look longer and skinnier. Intricate hosiery is getting its 5 minutes of fame, high waistlines are climbing even higher while corsets are squeezing our middles to create the desirable hourglass silhouette.


If you truly want to embrace the 70’s nostalgia, baggy culottes are revealing ankles left and right and fringe compliments anything from coats to boots to bags. The mini skirts will never go out of style, but new cuts swing daringly, with special appearances everywhere from Paris to NYC: carwash pleats and flounce hems.


As far as shoes go, black boots will go with anything so we’re not saying they’re in because they never left, but if you really want to be remarkable, go a whole lot over the knee or channel your inner Chewbacca by embracing the furry feet.


As you would expect from cold season fashion, necks are given utmost importance being ornate with pussy bows, turtlenecks, skinny scarfs or furry collars. When it comes to outerwear, the general consensus seems to be that as long as you’re wearing some form of an oversized drape cape, you can’t go wrong regardless of fabric, color or level of sophistication. What else just came in with the chill air of the cool season? Gloves, and before anything else, thank you Amal Clooney for making these a thing again!