Faux-real For Fall

Faux-real for Fall

Feathers, furs, fuzzies of all kinds! Fall is sending us some serious texture messages this year. Whether it’s a colorful twist on your classic coat or an unexpected touch to a not-so-plain white tee, it seems like everything’s blending in with the natural world. Because what’s better than throwing a bird on it? Becoming the bird yourself! So don’t be sheepish (or do!) – and come check out all our favorite faux finds around Block37.


1. Flapper Girl Feather Dress
Akira, $50

2. T-Shirt with Feather Details
Zara, $26

3. Faux Fur Mini Bucket Bag 
Zara, $50

4. Bettye Muller Faux Fur T-Strap
Anthropologie, $148

5. Holly Aurora Faux Fur Coat
Anthropologie, $218

6. Light as a Feather Heeled Mule
Akira, $25

7. Printed Kimono with Faux Fur
Zara, $119

8. Calista Faux Fur Sweatshirt
Anthropologie, $128

9. Tan Trench Coat
Iridium Lab, $200

10. Black Sweatshirt with Feathers
Zara, $36

11. Abuzios Feather Hoops
Anthropologie, $188

12. Lavender Newalla Faux Fur Jacket
Anthropologie, $198