A Guy’s Guide To Labor Day Weekend

A Guy’s Guide to Labor Day Weekend

Ready for good times in the great outdoors? Glad to hear it. Because a long weekend’s coming up and that means doing everything you can’t typically pack into a measly two days. Speaking of packing, we know it can be daunting – be it for 3 hours on the water or 3 days in the woods. That’s why we’re making it easy. So put down the remote, pick up your buds, and check out our fool-proof (no offense) guide to a successful Labor Day weekend.


1. Fressko Flask
Anthropologie, $45

2. Coin Edge Field Watch
Dakota Watch, $75

3. Shoodlers Slides 
Bucketfeet, $85

4. Gazelle Print Swimming Trunks
ZARA, $30

5. Skinny Chino Trousers
ZARA, $30

6. Oakley Frogskins
Sunglass Hut, $120

7. Universal Power Adaptor
Anthropologie, $36

8. Happy Plugs Sound Piece Saint Laurent Marble Speaker
Anthropologie, $99

9. Basic T-Shirt
ZARA, $20

10. Brown Embossed Bowling Bag
ZARA, $80

11. Safari Coat
Iridium, $90

12. CLINIQUE For MEN UV Defense Broad Spectrum SPF 50
Sephora, $29.50

13. Visor With Patch
ZARA, $20