Happy New Dares

Happy New Dares

A New Year is the perfect time to shake things up. But if resolutions don’t seem to cut it for you, maybe you need a good dare to get you going. So here are a few different ways for you to rise to the challenge – or chicken out – in 2016. The choice is yours.


Don’t just make a resolution, really commit. Set a goal for one month and make a bet with a friend or family member. Whoever doesn’t meet the goal, or gives up first, loses the bet. Betting money would be dull, so make it a little more motivating. Loser has to face a personal fear, jump in an icy Lake Michigan, or perform a really unpleasant chore for the winner. If the stakes are serious, you might want to give yourself an edge with a fitness tracker or a smart watch. And some vitamins or supplements might be a good idea too. With any luck, you’ll win the bet and pick up a healthy habit that lasts all year long.


Or a hat, or a blazer, or a pair of boots or whatever. Basically, we dare you to let someone else pick out your clothes. Many of us get stuck in a certain look or style. This year, step outside your comfort zone on a regular basis. Grab a friend and go shopping with one rule – you each have to wear something the other one picks out for you. Set a budget beforehand to lessen the fear factor. Akira and Zara make trying the latest trends affordable and fun.


Step away from the burgers and brats – at least once in a while. Dare to take a blind taste test or try a food you think you don’t like. Or better yet, try something you’ve never even heard of before. There are plenty of exotic flavors at Latinicity and the Farmer’s Fridge fresh vending for the culinarily courageous. And we’re not talking about seeing who can handle the hottest pepper sauce, though that’s certainly an option.

Whatever you do, dare to make 2016 great.