We’re pretty sure that the MOM stands for Made Of Magic. Anyone agree? It’s the only way she could possibly do everything she does. Whether she’s your actual mother, an aunt, sister, grandmother, maybe just a friend who is totally killing the mom’ing business, Mother’s Day is the perfect time let her know how much she’s appreciated. (The other 364 days are pretty good times, too…)

We’ll never be able to fully express our gratitude, but it’s the act of giving that means the most. And it doesn’t hurt if the gifts totally rock 🙂 We’ve taken a Mother’s Day inventory of Block 37 and hand-selected our favorite tokens of love. Enjoy!


As the saying goes, home where the heart is. If that’s the case, shouldn’t it be well decorated?

Mother Nature is one of our favorite moms out there. Bring her beauty indoors with the Azure Swirl Hanging Flower Pot ($48). Speaking of floral things, Spring’s Eden Candles ($32) not only smell like a secret garden, but they also have the magical ability to improve a day and transform a space. If she’s been in the market for some decoration inspiration, grace her coffee table with a book by one of our go-to gurus for all things pretty and practical – Design Mom ($30). Which will look lovely sitting next to a Morning Bouquet Tray ($98-$168) and a handpicked arrangement of her favorite flowers.

Finally, mornings will feel more special with Limited Edition Golden Monogram Mugs ($10). Choose her initial or buy several and spell out MOM or LOVE… or perhaps something that will truly resonate with her – like CAFFEINE IS LIFE. Ok, maybe just stick to initials.

All the above from Anthropologie.


Ok, yes. You already know your mom is the most beautiful creature in the world. But it never hurts to have a little outside assistance to help her wake up feeling flawless. Cue Beyoncé.

Take it from yours truly, everyone loves receiving Bath Balls (Sabon, $6). They’re fun, festive and fully capable turning an entire night around – which can be much needed after a long workday or workout. The Almond Daily Ritual Duo (L’OCCITANE, $75) is another favorite. Almond is chock full of all the antioxidants and moisturizers she’ll need to protect or correct against The Windy City. Speaking of moisture, have you heard of Matcha? It’s the newest trend in skincare and the Urb Apothecary Lavender Matcha Mask (Anthropologie, $14) is the perfect way to introduce it into her beauty routine.

We’re pretty confident that world domination comes inside the tube of a go-to lipstick and signature scent. With Tom Ford Ultra-Rich Lip Color ($52) and CHANEL CHANCE EAU FRAÎCHE Eau de Toilette ($100) both from Sephora, she will be ready and armed for whatever the day may hold.

Really want to win Mother’s Day? Give her a spa day at Ladies & Gentlemen Aveda Salon & Spa, where she will have her pampered pick of everything from a Warm Stone Pedicure to a Stress Relief Massage. And for those who can’t decide, you can never go wrong with a Sephora Gift Card! Seriously, it’s like taking her to an all-you-can-eat beauty buffet.


Yoga, Pilates, a walk around the block… whatever her workout of choice, a “Mind, Body, Spirit” kit makes for a cute and clever gift that her endorphins will go crazy over.

Who said style has to stop when the yoga mat come out? Draped Ardha Top by Nesh (Anthropologie, $88) is the epitome of vogue versatility. The Provence Yoga Mat (Anthropologie, $98) will be a cute conversation starter at her next class (just because your mind has to be quiet doesn’t mean the compliments have to stop!) and the Arzu Yoga Mat Bag (Anthropologie, $68) is an adorable way to tote her mat back and forth from home to the studio to the park. Afterwards, Yoga Towelettes ($16) infused with essential oils are, well… essential. Antibacterial, antiseptic and aroma-therapeutic, they’re great for cleansing mats, weights, balance balls, etc. Evian Mineral Water Sprays ($12.50) have also always been a mainstay in this blogger’s purse for years.

And if you want to whisk her away for remote weekend of rest and relaxation, look no further than the pages of Great Retreats: Yoga (Anthropologie, $20). It’s far less expensive and no one has to know if she chooses cake over kale 🙂

All the above available at Anthropologie.


You are obviously your mother’s best accessory, but a woman can never have too many, right?

We can stress this enough – mom’s LOVE monograms! Especially if they serve as little reminders of you throughout the day. The Monogram Pendant Necklace (Anthropologie, $38) does just that. The Charming Felines Panther in Tropical Garden Brooch (Les Néréides, $178) is a true statement piece that says “fine, fresh, fierce” or “you’re going to hear me roar” or some other Katy Perry reference. And speaking of felines, how about those Prada Cat-Eye Sunglasses (Sunglass Hut, $355)?! Meow!

Finally, to bring everything full circle, the Col. Mustard Bag (Akira, $20) and Navy Tote (Zara, $50) might just be the Mary Poppins bag your mom needs to carry around all her magic. MOM – Made of Magic… remember?

Happy Mother’s Day!