Thanksgiving Survival Kit

Thanksgiving Survival Kit

Thanksgiving is always a tricky time when it comes to attire (more like at-tired, are we right?!) If you celebrate at home, you want to look cute (it’s the holidays, after all – there will be pictures), but it’s hard to get dressed up when your bed is 10 feet away. Furthermore, you want/need to leave room for the turkey, 10000 sides, dessert, and second dessert. We understand the struggle and have come up with a solution. Introducing The Official Block 37 Thanksgiving Survival Kit – complete with stretchy waists, totes to sneak in the wine/sneak out the leftovers, sunglasses for when that tryptophan kicks in at the table, and an anti-fatigue mask, because… family. Happy Thanksgiving, from our block to yours!

B37 Thanksgiving Kit Main Image

1. Draped Leggings
Anthropologie, $78

2. Slice of Cake Ring
Les Néréides, $51

3. Glitter Sneakers
Akira, $30

4. Men’s Turkey Leg T-Shirt
The Disney Store, $35

5. Mustard Ruffle Dress
Akira, $40

6. Dior Siderall Shades
Sunglass Hut, $450

7. Oversized Beaded Sweater
Zara, $70

8. Anti-fatigue Face Mask
Sephora, $6

9. Thanksgiving Cupcakes
Magnolia Bakery, $22.50 (box of 6)

10. Wonderland Top
North & Hudson, $63

11. Rayne Buttondown
Anthropologie, $88

12. Scripted Tassel Tote
Anthropologie, $88

13. Waterfall Wine Glass
Anthropologie, $16