This post is inspired by the noises our stomachs are currently making as the mid-afternoon munchies begin to kick in. We translated the sounds into English, and apparently they really want us to tell you guys about all the great places to eat around Block 37. So here it is – a list of our favorite Block 37 eateries. From authentic Spanish cuisine to gourmet grilled cheese to dinner inside a movie theater, it covers just about every occasion. But honestly, who needs an occasion when it comes to good food?

Have a napkin handy. There’s going to be drool.


Say ¡hola! to the most unique dining experience you’ve ever had without a passport. Latincity teleports you from the streets of Chicago to the sidewalks of Latin America, Spain or Portugal – depending on which food station you choose! With 10 unique kitchens, a coffee shop and a full far, it hits every point on the gastronomical spectrum. Options include Peruvian ceviche, DIY tacos, and tortas & cocas (artisanal flatbreads filled with goodness like crispy chicken, carne asada and melted cheese). Headed by world-renowned chef Richard Sandoval, Latinicity is a trip your taste buds will beg to go on again and again.

Be sure to visit Pata Negra, Latinicity’s full-service tapas restaurant. For those of you who don’t know, “tapas” is simply Spanish for “small plates.” So do tapas right and enjoy these dishes from where they got their start. The best part? Pata Negra serves Sunday Brunch! Who doesn’t love a good Bloody Maria?!


Shopping never fails to work up an appetite. But you don’t always want to spend the time to sit down for a meal when you have more stores to hit up, a movie to catch, or a business meeting to make. No worries. Block 37’s quick options are just are as gourmet as any fancy restaurant. No need to choose time over quality. You can have it all!

Loncheria by Latinicity is full of grab-and-go options with a Spanish flair. Located on the Pedway, it’s the perfect pit stop for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack time.

Farmer’s Fridge is about as easy (and tasty) as it gets. A fresh take on fresh, these handcrafted bites include things like Sweet Potato Kale Hash, Almond Butter Oatmeal, Peanut Soba Noodles, and more.

Gayle’s Best Ever Grilled Cheese is the ultimate comfort food. Enjoy a classic childhood throwback of Prairie Pure Butterkase cheese on homemade sourdough, or put your big kid pants on and try a more adventurous option like the Little Italy, which features a five-cheese garlic spread with Heirloom tomato salsa and curated meats. Gluten-free options available.


Find a killer sale item? Order an ensalada from Latinicity instead of that hamburguesa? You deserve a reward! Preferably in the form of chocolate covered anything.

Magnolia Bakery is loved worldwide for its classic American baked goods and charming atmosphere. They whip up daily cupcakes with flavors like Banana Pudding, Peanut Buttercream, and Hummingbird, and always have fresh scones, muffins, icebox pies, and mini cheesecakes on hand.

Godiva is everyone’s go-to chocolate emporium. Whether you’re buying dark chocolate covered cigars for him or white chocolate covered strawberries for you, chocolate has been scientifically proven to make you happy. And who are we to argue science?


Ok, time to drink. Whatever your beverage of choice, Block 37 is here to be your barista/bartender.

Latinicity’s I HAVE A BEAN coffee shop brews up all your customary espresso drinks, plus unexpected Spanish specialties like cortaditos, Mexican hot chocolate and flan. Latinicity also has a full bar pouring a range of Latin cocktails, wines, and beer. You know what would go perfectly with that new pair of shoes? A margarita.

Macguffin’s Bar & Lounge at AMC Dine-In Theatre lets you enjoy your favorite drink while watching your new favorite movie. (Fun fact: a “macguffin” is a plot device that advances the story, like the ring in Lord of the Rings – or wine in the story of our lives.)

The Dearborn Urban American Tavern is Block 37’s newest arrival and the perfect place for a post-movie nightcap. Serving dishes like Pork & Lamb Meatballs, Confit Spanish Octopus, and 50-day Dry Aged Ribeye, you know the pairings are going to knock your socks out of the Block.